Here’s my heart, it’s not like I really need it

March 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

I have a pretty thick skin.  Being sensitively challenged, I often don’t understand the nature of offending someone.  I really think you have to go out of your way to purposefully hurt someone, and I don’t think most of us are walking around trying to cause offense.  Then there is the unintentional hurt.  Which I think most people should be more understanding of.  Especially in the case of friendships.

So how is it that I came to write a book that could so easily offend a huge population of people?

The short answer is, I don’t know.

I have to hope that agents, and editors, and friends, and everyone else reading it, will understand my intent.  It’s not to offend, but to tell a story.  A story that could very well be a true one.  Researching the Identity Movement, and the Aryan Nation, wasn’t what I call a good time on a Friday night.  It was informative, and shocking.  There are still people in the world today that believe in this nonsense.  There are whole groups fighting for a cause that is so ridiculous, it’s literally unbelievable.

Yet, it’s true.

My book it ultimately about choices.  Choices we make based on fear, and the fear of choices that seem impossible.

It’s hard to make that shine in a simple query letter, with a premise that is so controversial, it’s almost unmarketable.


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