Going to Hell in a UPS truck.

April 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

My mailman hates me.

I am not a lazy person, but the post office with three kids is hell on earth.  Try going at lunch and/or nap time, and you’ve just entered Dantes Inferno type Hell.  So guess who was thrilled when USPS started allowing you to print your own postage at home and hand the box over to your mailman.

Two thumbs point at this girl.

I have everything delivered.  EVERYTHING.  I do not like bringing my children into situations that don’t involve ice cream, books, or a swing.  When they can all enter a public restroom by themselves, I’ll reevaluate my position, but for right now, I’m good.

I have half a dozen siblings spread far and wide.  I like sending them things.  They like receiving things.  Someday (I hope) I’ll be sending manuscripts out to publishing houses.  These things are heavy, and I have a man that comes to my door every day around 930am who takes those things away from me for a very reasonable price.

Why would I not take advantage of that?

Sorry Eduardo.


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